Hi, I'm Aaron Seltzer!

Motion Design Reel
Microsoft Ignite: Loop Presentation
Recently, I was hired as a subcontractor to work on Microsoft's Ignite AI presentation. My job was to edit and mock-up animations related to the Microsoft Loop app. I worked on four presenter videos and used Figma artwork to mock up how a team would use the Loop app. It was a great experience working with the Microsoft team, and I'm proud to be able to help.
SharpCharts Redesign
I collaborated on the design of the primary chart service of StockCharts with the CEO, VP, and lead developer. Creating designs in Figma and delivering a new UI for SharpCharts3 product release.
StockCharts Options promo
During StockCharts Camano's technology release, I had to quickly turn around promos highlighting those new tools. I also wrote the copy and script for this promo. So, I purchased an AfterEffects project to manipulate and bring into the StockCharts brand so to not loose days creating my own elements in Cinema 4D. I also used audition to mix voice with upbeat music to drive excitment for the promotion of the new features. 
StockCharts Cyber Monday Marketing
Cyber Monday is StockCharts' most significant sale of the year. The VP of Operations wanted a retro digital aesthetic for the campaign. I created the animated digitized text and camera animations along with all the other elements for the campaign within AfterEffets, then used Audition to mix the audio track for the final render. 
Train 2.0 Membership Promo
I worked on a social media commercial for Train 2.0, which showcased the benefits of their hockey training program. The commercial featured videos of pro athletes training, giving viewers a glimpse into what Train 2.0 offers. To make the commercial more engaging, I utilized my expertise in After Effects to create all the animations. I used an AI audio enchanter to smooth out the audio recorded outside. The result was a dynamic and inspiring commercial that would resonate with hockey audiences.
GoNoGo Charts Promo and show graphics
I worked with the two inventors of the GoNoGo indicator and the presentation hosts to create unique space-themed designs. The clients provided me with a 2D logo, and I created a 3D version after manipulating it in Illustrator and then bringing it over to Element 3D. I also had an audio track from the client to mix with music for the final astroid-filled render.
Chart Madness
Chart Madness is a bi-annual stock picking show between 4 market experts. The producers tasked me with creating all the elements for a March Madness style look. I designed the logo in Illustrator and started working on show promotions early so a buzz around the event could happen. Once that was completed I created show animations like an open, close, lower 3rds, and transition. Then I loaded the animations to Ross Xpressions so the producer and technical director could record and air the show.
50 Years on Wall Street
50 Years on Wall Street is a financial non-broadcast documentary. I provided all the graphic support, working with talent, producers, and directors. I won a silver Telly Award for my work on this project, creating the title logo and animation and motion designs for historic charts and graphs.
Sarah@StockCharts Episode 3 Infographics
Sarah@StockCharts is a Youtube-based show where I designed the open, animated lower 3rds and created still and moving animations to explain charts and indicators timed to voiceover. I made a fun, hand-drawn look to highlight how specific indicators work on charts and where new investors should focus their analysis.
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