Hi, I'm Aaron Seltzer!

Graphics for PowerPoint Presentations
A variety of graphic design work for different client's financial presentations. Graphics were made using Adobe Suite and packaged into Microsoft PowerPoint.
StockCharts Brands
These logos are a sample of brand design, show titles, and typography I created for StockCharts.
StockCharts Spring Sale
Website banners, email advertising, and social media posts for StockCharts spring sale.
StockCharts 1-Month Free Trail Banner Ads
StockCharts 1-Month Free Trail Banner Ads. I used StockCharts Font Awesome icon family to create these branded banners to promote the 1-Month free trial.
Website Course Logos
These are course logos I created for Train 2.0's website redesign. They all illustrate the theme and feeling of each course and a bit of what clients will learn.
KIRO 7 Alexa Skill
This project is the KIRO 7 Alexa skill I pitched to the station GM. We talked about if Amazon offered text to voice features so the station could put local, regional metadata on KIRO7.com stories and people could ask for those specific regions that are important to them. My idea transformed into KIRO 7 becoming the first local News station to create a flash news briefing and selling a 6-month sponsorship for $75,000.
Train 2.0 Logo Redesign
From day one my mission was to redesign the logo because I felt like the original wasn't strong enough to represent where Train 2.0 was trying to go as the go-to source for hockey training. The original logo was more of a letter meant to represent the brand. My design created a balance to the letter "T," while also showing fluid lines that mimic "c" cuts a hockey player makes in the ice. So everything came into focus under brand philosophy and as a symbol to be recognized quickly on the ice or online. I found balance by creating the shapes out of perfect circles from the Fibonacci spiral and inspiration from Yin Yang and other Chinese symbols. These influences on the logo also connected with the CEO and founder who is half Chinese and half Canadian.
GLOW Season 2 Pins
I got the chance to design the wrap gifts for the costume department on season 2 of Glow airing on Netflix in June 2018. It was all 80s themed, but it also needed to evoke aspects of the costume department. The "Boston Crab" was a bit of a no-brainer. It was a prominent move in season 2 and features both lead characters and their signature costumes. The Glow pin was the winner from a few other costume designer themed tools. I loved working on this project for season 2 of Glow and feel very privileged to contribute in a small way to this fun show.
Thinkific Training Course
Downhill Skating System Thinkific course was a fast three day turn around projected developed by Train 2.0. I created banner and header graphics for the class to help illustrate what players will stand to learn. The hardest part was creating the logo within such a tight window of time. It might just seem like someone ice skating, but it is the perfect mechanical position that members are striving to learn. The tilted type is a nod to how downhill skating feels as pure as skating downhill.
KIRO 7 Facebook Designs
A collection of web banners I have designed for KIRO 7 to promote CBS shows and news programming.
High School Football Report Logo
Stage 1: HS football report logo sent to Jack in the Box for approval. The next stage will include a shaded and 3D logo for broadcast and print.
Astonishing Conversations Podcast logo
Created this logo for a friend's podcast about a cat that comically reviews popular TV shows, movies, websites, and podcasts about the legendary and strange.
Hunt for Black Gold DVD
The Hunt for Black Gold was a CNBC original production that ran after the market closed on weekends. I created the DVD menu animations and graphics so the shows could be sold to consumers online.
October 87 Crash & Comeback DVD
The October '87 Crash and Comeback was an evening show that CNBC ran after the market closed on weekends. I created the DVD menu animations and graphics so the shows could be sold to consumers online.
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