I built a basic ice rink in Cinema 4D and rendered a 360° video of my camera rig taking a short skate around the rink. I wanted to test what speed felt right to life but didn't make the viewer sick. Right away I learned that I need a pause off the start to let people get their phone and headset ready before the animation starts. I'm also expecting that a 5-second countdown is long enough and visually intriguing on social media to grab people's attention. I also learned that my next animation should be 60 frames per second for a more fluid look. My disappointment with Oculus Rifts hockey game sparked the simulation I created. Full disclosure I have not played it yet, but I have watched several gameplay videos. My takeaway is that they are onto a good idea by letting people play goalie, but all the fights are gimmicky. Hockey fans want the rush of streaking up the boards and cutting through the slot while trying to rip a shot past the goalie. Down the line, I'll have more visual improvements to my ice skating simulation. 

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