Seafair 2016 New Look

Since 1950 Seafair has been a staple of the Northwest. Summer in Seattle is Seafair, and this year I got the privilege of designing the look for on-air coverage. I created 3D elements that represent classic elements of Seafair along with new designs that blend the two brands involved in the project. The culmination was hours of live television that paid respect to the long-running festival of Seafair. I worked collaboratively across in-house creative and sales services as the lead designer for Seafair 2016 representing the brand’s identity through motion graphics. Seafair was our most live streamed event of the year with 615,786 streams over the KIRO website and Facebook page, but do not yet include numbers from the KIRO app and Smart TV app.

Final 3D designs for 2016 Seafair graphics package. Sponsors and music added later by editing in Live Truck. 
Hydro racing segment introduction.
Seafair stinger animation before trivia questions.
First run at new 3D look for Seafair.
First run at new 3D look for Seafair.
L3rd Example parts for Chryon system
Seafair Anywhere in news promo
Open Heat example for sunday boat races
Hydro Seafair Stinger
Wakeboard Show Mini Open
Facebook cover for Seafair promotion
Various fullscreen example graphics for 8hrs of live Seafair coverage.
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